Music (Including 1-1 tuition)

Roynon Performing Arts now offer a range of music sessions, including 1-1 sessions, small workshops, curriculum based lessons in local schools and, of course, whole class sessions within the rest of the Roynon timetable.

RPA currently teach a variety of stringed instruments including guitar and ukulele, percussion, drums and singing. 

Tailored sessions can also be held for composing and arranging, recording techniques  and use of free technology  such as iPads and APPs. 

Clients include local schools, organisations such as The Saints Foundation and various individuals of all ages and abilities in the local area. 

Age groups

Lower School (Ages 2-7), Middle School (Ages 7-11), Upper School (Ages 11-18), and Adult (Ages 18+)

Music (Including 1-1 tuition) Classes Available

Samba DrummingTuesday
Gary Munday

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