Dance Exams

Roynon are very proud to offer exams which accompany a student’s dance classes.

Exams typically occur twice a year and are held in a dance studio venue that is known for appropriate facilities and relatively close to Swanmore.

Exams are run in accordance to the ISTD syllabus – a prestigious, well-known industry name.

Often, it is the ISTD themselves which will dictate what exact times and dates they wish to run the exams.

These exams are an important stage in a student’s dance career, giving them a very real reason to knuckle down and practise!

Examiners have high expectations and see literally hundreds of dancers each month, so it is vital that the student is prepared, diligent and punctual for their exam.

If the student is seriously considering a career in dance or musical theatre, then exams are an absolute must and will act as a springboard to their first steps in the highly competitive dance industry.

If they wish to progress through the grades of a particular dance style, then it is also necessary to take these exams and will directly impact upon the content in class.

How to prepare

The student should practise, practise, practise!

Without practising, the student cannot improve and won’t be physically or mentally prepared for their exam.

Their dance teacher will of course give them constructive feedback along the way and so it is the student’s responsibility to act upon this and achieve the highest mark they can.

For exams, students need to be dressed in their appropriate dance uniform, remove jewellery (which may actually hinder their ability to perform) and not wear any unnecessary/inappropriate makeup, especially nail varnish.

All students should look to be on the premises and ready for their exam at least 20 minutes prior to their allocated time slot, just in case of any last minute cancellations and to simply have time to settle in and not feel rushed or panicked.


Roynon understand that the grades students receive are a direct reflection upon the school.

It is for this reason we take exams very seriously and will not enter a student into an exam they are not confident they will achieve or be able to cope with the pressurised environment of an exam.

Moving grades is possible only through determination and a proven improvement in the student’s dance ability.

Students do not move through classes or grades simply by age or because peers are moving classes next year.

It isn’t peculiar for students to continue with a particular level or grade for more than a year and can in some instances take longer.

Other points to consider

It may be worth clarifying that Roynon do not make a profit from running exams and is done purely to improve a student’s ability and help them progress through the ISTD syllabus.

Timetabling of the exams is – similar to changes of class timetable – a time consuming and often complicated process.

Miss Sarah (the Principal) will always attempt to keep the process as fair and accommodating as possible.