Health & Safety Policy

Our Health & Safety policy is to help you understand what measures we currently have in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our staff and students. You can rest assured in the knowledge we do our utmost to always protect all those who are a part of all RPA classes, workshops and events. 


Name: Sarah Munday

Job Title: Principal & Owner  

Telephone: 07801 932 952 


This is the person responsible for managing our Health & Safety policy, reviewing and updating it annually. They will also be able to chat through any questions or concerns you may have.


We believe that children have the right to be safe and secure and free from threat, regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, or beliefs. 

We have an explicit duty to safeguard and protect children from abuse as defined in the Children Act 2004 and the Education Act 2002. Please see our Child Protection policy for more details. 

Everyone at our dance school shares an objective to keep children, young people, and vulnerable adults safe by: 

  • Providing a happy and safe environment where children can learn to dance. 
  • Acting with integrity, treating children with respect, listening to their concerns and acting upon them accordingly. 
  • Identifying and responding to children, young people and vulnerable adults in need of support and/or protection. 
  • Supporting children’s development in ways which will foster a sense of self-esteem and independence; 
  • Fostering a learning environment in which every pupil feels valued and able to articulate their wishes and feelings in their preferred method of communication in an atmosphere of acceptance and trust. 
  • Ensuring that students will receive professional tuition from a qualified teacher with appropriate facilities following safe practice. 

For toilet visits, children aged 5 and under are to be accompanied by an appropriate adult, and children aged 6 – 10 years are to use our facilities in pairs. 


It is a requirement that our staff hold DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) certificates that are less than 3 years old and a current First Aid qualification. All staff hold appropriate qualifications from their accreditation bodies. Every teacher has been confirmed to have insurance and the school has sufficient Employers Liability and Public Liability insurance. 

All staff have been trained in how to appropriately deliver instruction to various ages. We host regular training sessions to ensure the highest quality control. Younger children may not understand some of the language that adults use, therefore, it is important to us to make sure that dance/drama/music content is explained using language that they understand or demonstrate the moves to them to make sure that they understand what they need to do. They have also been trained in correct methods. 

All our staff are regularly consulted about the school policies and procedures, including safety measures, safeguarding, and reporting requirements. 


Parents/carers should arrive to the building no more than 5 minutes before class is due to start. Students below the age of 12 should not be left in the building until the teacher has invited them into the lesson. All students should be collected from class as soon as it has ended. If a parent/carer is running late the student will be kept with their teacher, please phone ahead to let us know if you are running late. Late charges to cover teacher time will apply. 

No student under the age of 12 should be dropped off and allowed to enter the building alone, unless otherwise arranged and agreed with our team. 


All students are registered within the first few minutes of class time. 

All staff members have access to our electronic registers, which also include any relevant medical information and Individual Risk Assessments. 

Class timetables are arranged according to the age and ability of the students, and class structures are arranged so that students are warmed up at the beginning of class and given time to cool down at the end. 

Students are reminded to eat properly before (but not immediately before) class, they may bring a small bottle of water in a non-spill bottle to each class and will be given sufficient break time during class to rest and stay hydrated. Health and Safety Policy 2022 

Students must always wear appropriate clothing and footwear during classes, it should not be restrictive, uncomfortable, revealing and footwear should be properly fitting. 

  • No outside clothing is allowed during class, only school branded clothing. 
  • No jewellery is to be worn in class at any time. 
  • Hair must be neatly tied back in a bun or pony tail. 

Teachers ensure that the studio spaces are free of hazards, and sufficiently clean. 

Both staff and students must be reminded of personal hygiene, hands should be regularly washed especially after using the toilet. Due to the nature of our physical activity, dance clothing should be washed after every use. 


There will always be a minimum of one member of staff present with a minimum of a one-day Emergency First Aid qualification. 

Our studio has a designated first aid supply and Accident Report book. These will be checked every 6 months and supplies replaced as necessary. 

Teachers are not responsible for the safety and wellbeing of students outside of the dance class or during any online classes we may run. Parents/carers must ensure their children act safely and respectfully outside of the class or during online classes and ensure students are dressed appropriately when arriving, participating in class, or leaving the building. 

Our teachers are committed to safe practice whilst teaching in all capacities, but students partake at their own risk. Whilst every care is taken to reduce the risk of injury and infection, the school does not accept responsibility for any injury or infection caused either within or outside of the dance class. 

Parents/carers or students must inform their teacher of any existing injuries, medical conditions/needs (e.g. Asthma, use of an EpiPen or diabetic monitoring) or any if they/anyone in their family are showing symptoms of infection. In an emergency all teachers are first aid trained and will act in loco parentis if parents/carers are not present and will call an ambulance. 


All studios have clearly marked fire exits, and a meeting point has been established outside the building. Should there be need to evacuate, anyone on the premises will be asked to leave their belongings and calmly leave the building, convening at the meeting point for registration. There will be fire evacuation drills every 6 months. 

All staff are familiar with our fire safety procedures and there are appropriate fire extinguishers and fire blankets in accessible positions. 

There is strictly no smoking permitted in the building or on site. 

All staff equipment has been PAT tested and we run our power cables to the nearest access points, out of reach of students. 

We are committed to reviewing our policy and good practice annually. 

This policy was last reviewed on 28.07.22 and will be reviewed again on 20.07.23 

Name: Gary Munday

Job Title: Creative Director 

Signature: G. Munday