The Performance Team

The Roynon Performance Team are a committed, passionate and energetic team of students who have been chosen to represent the schools dance faculty at external events, including fetes, charity performances and requests from private clients.

All of the students who are part of the team have auditioned and agreed to commit additional time for the events Miss Sarah and the teaching team organise for them to attend.

There are approximately 10-12 students required for The Performance Team but this sometimes varies depending on the event.


Events which The Performance Team have been proud to be a part of include: –

  • Performances at The 02 Guildhall Southampton
  • Private clients, including Sir Richard Branson
  • Numerous fetes and carnivals around the Swanmore and Bishops Waltham area
  • Community events, such as The Hatfair, Winchester
  • Private events for clients and Roynon contacts
  • Charity events at Southampton General Hospital and West Quay Shopping Centre

How to join…

Two key things are required to join the Performance Team: time and ability!

Being a part of The Performance Team is a huge commitment and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Events can sometimes require daily performances for weeks, so it is vital that the student considers whether it is something they can realistically fit into their existing schedule.

If it is something a student is serious about being a part of, they should discuss this with their class teacher / Miss Sarah but, most importantly, demonstrate consistency and commitment across their classes.

Roynon would love for as many students as possible to show an interest and get involved in representing their dance school!

Junior and Senior

To accommodate, there are options for younger and older dancers.

Initially, the Performance Team was built for senior dancers (due to the nature of the events that were becoming secured).

Recently, however, the senior team has been decreased in favour of the junior team.

This will all depend on the team’s ability to commit to large scale events as well as the specifications from clients or an event.

Supply and Demand

Any of the events in which The Performance Team are allowed to be a part of is a huge privilege and something the Roynon teachers do not take lightly.

None of the events are by any means guaranteed and will depend upon what the organisers require.

Therefore, the students are required to commit to any of the events that come up and not just ‘the big ones’!

Learn more

If you have any other queries, please feel free to bring these up with your class teacher or the Principal, Miss Sarah.