Why choose RPA?

Let’s cut straight to the point. We are proud of the achievements we as a performing arts school. RPA want as many people of all ages and abilities to experience the amazing things we have to offer and what sets us apart from other providers. 

Here’s our top five things that make Roynon Performing Arts different and unique: 

1. Choice

RPA run over 60 classes a week (in term time) with other 20 genres of dance, music and drama to choose from. This spans across all ages and ability of student, from toddler to senior adult. Some of the classes are more heavily structured with recognised syllabus while others are a bit lighter and more for fun and enjoyment. Whatever you are looking for, Roynon Performing Arts have you covered. 

2. Experience

Roynon have been established for over 40 years, with Principal Miss Sarah taking on RPA for over 12 years now. This means RPA have supported and nurtured 1,000s of students and have developed a rich base of content and teaching material to pool from. Meanwhile, the Roynon Teaching Team always consist of passionate, highly experienced teachers. Roynon take a lot of time to ensure individual teacher fits within the greater ethos of the school: to be caring, compassionate, knowledgable and progressive. RPA teachers have expert knowledge in their field, whether it is performing in the West End (or other notorious stages in their faculty), or through highly regarded qualifications (ISTD, LAMDA, Trinity, Acrobatic Arts, etc). Behind the scenes, teachers are supported in their own professional development within the school to ensure their learning is continued as well. RPA take great pride in the teaching team – they are an amazing influence to our students. Their passion and drive is infectious! 

3. Facilities / location 

Whether we are running a class, a workshop or a performance, RPA always strive to find the best possible facilities which work best for the thing we are delivering. Our classes are run within recognised facilities, whether we are within schools, parish council run halls or linking up with local businesses that share some of our key values. We operate the majority of classes within Swanmore which is close to other small communities such as Bishops Waltham, Botley, Droxford, Meonstoke and Upham. However we also run specific classes in different areas, which includes various toddler groups in Bishops Waltham, workshops in Shedfield, adult classes in Upper Swanmore and more. 

4. Opportunities

Roynon Performing Arts offer memorable, unique and exclusive events in which to be a part of. This has included exclusive work with Sir Richard Branson (including his son’s wedding celebrations), performing at The Hatfair Winchester and Wickham Festival and being involved in projects and initiatives from the council such as the Queen’s Baton Relay in Winchester. 

There is also the opportunity for students to take on work experience within studio time, to hold the role of ‘teaching assistant’ and to also become trained to become a qualified teacher in their field. RPA are proud of many things, but it’s really fantastic when a senior student ‘graduates’ and then returns as a class teacher! 

5. Value

RPA always seek to offer reasonable rates for all services, whether this is classes, workshops or performances at private functions. The school also uses a trusted Direct Debit system, meaning that payment is easy, structured and reliable with no hidden extras.

…to arrange your taster sessions in any of our 60+ classes in dance, music or drama. We take performing arts aspirations from dreams, to studio, to stage… 

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Contact: principal@roynonperformingarts.co.uk / 07801 932 952 / @RoynonPerformingArts