Frequently Asked Questions about Roynon Performing Arts

What classes to you run?

Check our full class list

What courses do you run on Wednesday/Saturday?

To see course available on any day, check our timetable

Do you run this type of class?

Check our full timetable or do a quick site search.

How much do classes cost?

We are proud to offer competitive, fair rates for all of our services.
The cost of dance, music or drama classes actually depends on a variety of factors, including age, experience, location and availability of the class.
Please see our guide to fees

Which level or type of class will my son/daughter/relative attend?

As with price of the class, the type of class the pupil needs to attend depends on the pupil’s experience and age and whether they have any specific requirements.
The easiest way to work this out is to contact Miss Sarah directly, either by phone or online.  

What is the uniform for classes?

Please see the uniform page.

Why is it expected to look smart in all dance and performing arts classes? Is it something that only Roynon look for?

It is an expectation across all dance schools, theatres and companies that the pupil looks the part and is neatly professionally presented.
For more help on how to achieve this, please see the documents section with step-by-step guides on how to dress and how to prepare hair for a certain class or exam.
Obviously, there is a clear health and safety element here, in that wearing jewellery or hair down or inappropriate clothing can be extremely dangerous, regardless of the type of Roynon class.  

Does Roynon Performing Arts enter students into exams?

Roynon are proud to enter pupils into ISTD exams, which is a formal and renowned examination process that will help the dancer to work towards a clear goal.  

What is an ISTD exam and why is it important?

ISTDare a reputable examination board which offer a comprehensive, very specific body of work in their dance curriculum.
Roynon Performing Arts has been collectively teaching from the ISTD syllabus for many years, seeing it as one of the best ways to improve a dancer and ensure they have the necessary skills to pursue dance as a career, if they so wish.
Even if dance isn’t a potential career choice, the exams are an excellent way to prove a pupil’s ability to prepare for an exam, test their dance skills and perform under pressure.  

What is the Roynon ‘whole school performance’?

Every two years, Roynon Performing Arts organise a whole-school performance for singers, dancers and performers of all ages and abilities (totalling on average 200 performers).
The performance is held in a theatre local to the school over a weekend, where pupils get to showcase their skills in a professional environment to friends, family, the local community and theatre-goers.
These shows have grown in popularity year on year, gaining the attention from local media and reaching out further to other areas of the community (discounted tickets have often been offered where possible to care homes and charities).
For more information, such as how to volunteer, what a pupil will need in preparation of the performances and more, please look out for emails nearer the time as well as useful documents, some of which are uploaded onto our YouTube channel as short presentations.

Does Roynon Performing Arts take part in dance festivals?

Roynon do take part in the dance festival circuit within Hampshire (UK).
This can be a rewarding and often challenging experience for dancers.
Regardless of whether our pupils win at a competition or category of dance, we are extremely proud of those who decide to enter into a festival and do everything possible to support and help them achieve the most they can.
When the opportunity arises, Roynon students have also performed in other competitions in the UK and abroad.  

What is the Roynon Performance Team and how do I become part of

Roynon Performing Arts have managed to work with an array of companies and communities and as a result have found it necessary to set up a elite dance troupe, in order to showcase the skills and dance styles taught in class.
The Performance Team have performed for the likes of a-list celebrities at private events, corporate shows, charity gigs at prestigious locations (such as the O2 Southampton Guildhall) and numerous local festivals and fetes.
Members of the performance group are hand picked but wherever the team is mixed up so the maximum amount of dancers can experience this fantastic, unique and privileged opportunity.
But in order to represent Roynon Performing Arts at high level functions and events, performers clearly have to be working to a high standard.
If you are a pupil and interested in working towards becoming a member of the Roynon Performance Team, please let your class teacher know and they shall let you know what the next steps shall be.
If you are wishing to find out a little more, than please contact the Roynon Performing Arts Principal, Miss Sarah.Event Booking at Roynon Performing Arts

If I do ballet classes, how long will it be until I can go ‘on pointe

As with any learning, we all progress at different speeds.
Being able to go on pointe in ballet demands a lot of perseverance, core strength, balance and in-class training before it is safe to try going on pointe.
Put simply, being able to achieve this tricky but necessary skill for ballet will depend on the time and effort spent in class.