Our classes

Roynon Performing Arts offer a range of classes starting from age 2 up to adult.

We genuinely care about each and every student. Roynon strive to make every learning experience meaningful and contribute towards the learning journey of a student.

We have a dedicated, qualified and experienced teaching team and are also extremely proud to have built a bank of industry contacts who regularly come to our school and guest teach for workshops and other special events.

Our students are also given unique performance opportunities at local events, private functions and even a-list celebrity events. This is why our students not only make quality progression of arts skills but make fantastic, fond memories and friendships along the way.

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Acrobatic Arts (AcroDance)

Acro is a dance genre that combines classical dance technique with precise, accurate and often tricky acrobatic elements.


Roynon have ballet classes to suit all ages and abilities in Ballet, from 2 years of age to adults.

Boys Class

Roynon believes it’s really important to offer a stand-alone, Boys Only class.


Commercial dance incorporates move from other dance disciplines such as jazz, street, modern and hip hop.


This dance style uses many techniques and methods found in other forms of dance, such as ballet and modern.


This art style is crucial to any person looking to get on the stage, whether they are a dancer, musician


You don’t have to aspire to be a professional dancer to get involved in what Roynon have to offer… and


You will be sure to learn some funky moves if you attend these Roynon Performing Arts classes!


Jazz classes are non-syllabus and is a fantastic way to learn all the latest moves to the latest music!


Dance, like any other physical activity, needs to start with the appropriate warm ups and preparation.


A multi-sensory, movement and music class for ages 6 months – 4 years old.


Modern is a mixture of dance styles and has an emphasis on expressing emotion through movement.

Music (Including 1-1 tuition)

A range of music sessions, including 1-1 sessions, small workshops and curriculum based lessons in local schools.

Musical Theatre

al Theatre is a type of theatrical performance and creative art which uses song, spoken dialogue, acting, and dance to

Pre-pointe / Pointe

These classes are essential not only for the progression of a ballerina but also the overall fitness of a dancer.

Private Dance Lessons

Dancers of all ages and abilities can choose to take on private lessons at Roynon

Samba Drumming

Our samba drumming classes are full of energy, movement and good vibes! All abilities are very welcome from 11 YO+.


Roynon have a wealth of experience in this dance form and have trained dancers to a very high standard over

The Performance Team

The Performance Team offers Roynon students the opportunity to gig at large scale projects and events.


Combined ballet and tap dance classes for ages 3-4. We love Tinies – and for so many reasons!

Vocal Coaching

Vocal coaching to look after your vocal chords, find your natural range and to project your voice.