Whole School Show

Every other year, Roynon offer all its students of all ages and abilities the opportunity to take part in a large scale performance.

These performances are always held in a local, prestigious theatre (there are three in total, all over the same weekend).

Historically the venue has been The Berry Theatre in Hedge End due to its locality and fantastic facilities.

The whole school performance is a brilliant way in which to showcase all the amazing talent in each and every class, as well as giving a real, immediate purpose to practise.

It is also a great way in which both students and their families can see the ‘bigger picture’ and find out what different grades and styles are up to in class!


Rehearsals for the performance begin at least a term before showtime, giving students a realistic timeframe in which to learn their parts.

Nearer to the big weekend, Roynon block out several Saturdays in which to rehearse with the entire school (this happens on location in Swanmore), piecing together each performance and fine tuning transition between dances, scenes and so on.

Then, on the weekend of the performance, the whole school run through a dress rehearsal at the theatre.

This is a fantastic way to ease the students into the theatre and to iron out any issues whilst calming nerves!

It is vital that performers ensure they attend rehearsals (whether they are in class or whole school) as dances are choreographed and placed for each and every performer in the group.

If a performer is absent, not only will they fall behind and not know the routine as well, but they may affect others and the logistics of the performance.

Themes and content

Each whole school theatre performance is based upon a theme, usually around a well known, traditional story.

The content is always original and is carefully, meticulously created by our teachers to suit the class and the ability of the students.

Any drama within the production is originally scripted by Roynon.

Some music used within the production is also composed, arranged and recorded by Roynon music teachers specifically for the production.

Any published music is accounted for in PRS fees and licensing within the theatre.

Do I, don’t I?

We do offer the option for students to opt out of performing.

However, the whole purpose in the arts is to share – share emotions, education and stories.

Therefore we strongly recommend that all students take part in the performance as it is a brilliant and unique opportunity for all students to take to the stage and make unforgettable memories!

Often, students will come out of productions buzzing and beaming due to the achievements they’ve made, giving them more confidence overall.

DVD & Photography

All shows so far have been recorded professionally by an outside company.

Meanwhile, photography is carried out in-house by G W Munday.

Any filming or photography or phones or otherwise is strictly prohibited by the theatre.

The Roynon calendar

Whole school performances are a large scale event and involve a lot of time, expenses and resources.

The rest of the school calendar is full to the brim with classes, exams, community performances, dance festivals and unique events as a result of previous clients.

For these reasons (and more!), it’s best to keep performances to every other year.


If you have any other queries, please feel free to bring these up with your class teacher or the Principal, Miss Sarah