Occasional news and information features from Roynon Performing Arts.

Proud of our Professional Grading Syllabus

Roynon offer grading, exams and class syllabus with the best professional bodies in the UK.

Join Us for Academic Year 2023-24!

We are proud of the memorable and supportive opportunities we offer to all ages and abilities! Why not come along and trial out one of our many classes?

August Updates

Our full classes start back on September 4th and we can’t wait to see you….

Summer Updates…

We have been busy this week with Summer Camps and lots of our dancers taking part at Petersfield festival. Plus, we had our Tap and Modern results in too… SUMMER CAMPWe have had 3 very successful days of Camp so far and have loved seeing so many

Performances, Holiday Camp and the end of the academic year…

Keep the kids busy in the summer hols and get some time to yourself!

What is the ‘Triple Threat’ and why is it important?

The performing arts industry demands a high quality standard from its performers. But the skillset required in order to become successful in performance work has become more demanding than ever. This is otherwise known as the ‘Triple Threat’. A few decades ago, it used to be the case

How RPA supports mental and physical wellbeing

The demands we all face at home, at work and in wider society can take their toll. We all need a safe space in which to express ourselves and release tension.  Wellbeing is becoming an increasingly prevalent issue in society today, with one in five children experiencing

Donation by dancers

Southern Daily Echo 3rd August 2022 We as a dance school are so grateful for the amazing coverage our performances get in the local and regional press! Our fantastic dancers and musicians routinely crop up in newspapers, television and online features. Below is a small excerpt and

Roynon Outreach

Roynon Performing Arts are working with Crowdfunder and Winchester City Council to raise £7,000 to create free/heavily discounted classes for students who cannot afford to pay for classes and its overheads.

Enrol now for the Autumn term!

Roynon Performing Arts are now accepting enrolments for the autumn term. Browse our classes to find the one that is right for you and enrol now to ensure your place. We are proud to offer over 20 genres of dance, music and drama for all ages and

Roynon Performing Arts Elite Programme

We are really very excited about this as there isn’t anything similar in the area!

A Whole New World

Whole School Performance at the Berry Theatre 25th-26th June

Abby’s Heroes

Hampshire based Roynon Performing Arts are proud to support local charity Abby’s Heroes.

Dance show in honour of Abby

Southern Daily Echo 23rd March 2022 HUNDREDS of performers will return to the stage for a spectacular show in aid of a local children’s cancer charity close to their hearts.

BBC Children in Need

Swan Samba performed live on BBC South today for Children in Need 2021 with guest drummer and local weather presenter Alexis Green joining the band for the evening.

Roynon partner with Paul Valéry University of Montpellier, France

RPA are proud to announce a working partnership with Paul Valéry University of Montpellier, France. 

Recent Music Student Successes

Roynon are thrilled and excited about the recent, notable progress made by its music students!

Looking Back on Lockdown – RPA’s successes

Celebrating all that the school, its students and their families have achieved together in 2020.

Swan Samba Regional Press Feature!

weekend! It really truly is a great write-up with interviews from the band members as well as the head honcho!

6 Reasons for Roynon

here are so many reasons to come join us and enjoy dance, music and drama and we are really excited to share a few of these with you…

Roynon partners with US school

RPA are excited to announce a partnership with a US dance school, Fabulous Feet Dance Centre. 

Learning in Lockdown

Roynon Performing Arts are extremely proud of what has been achieved, all the while dealing with so many unique, unparalleled challenges.

Red Alert Day: Where Next for the Arts?

On 11th August 2020, hundreds of venues up and down the country drenched their buildings, stages and social media in red visuals and lighting, in a plea for help and highlight the issues they are facing due to the coronavirus fallout.

Creative Swanmore students stay dedicated to performing arts progress through lockdown lessons

Portsmouth News 23rd July 2020 CREATIVE arts students practising their passions from a distance rose to the challenge of keeping up their progress through lockdown lessons.

Roynon Performing Art School in Swanmore goes online

Hampshire Chronicle 1st July 2020 A Performing arts school in the Meon Valley has adapted to life during lockdown. Roynon, based in Swanmore, now offers more than 60 online classes to its hundreds of students.

Charity Fundraiser is Practically Perfect in Every Way

Hampshire Chronicle 6th June 2017 Performing arts school smashed their charity fundraising record with three performances of Mary Poppins.