Roynon Agency

The agency has been set up as part of the performing arts school, to celebrate and promote the talent in the school and the community as a whole.

The agency is looking for talent!

The FAQs below should answer all queries you may have. Alternatively, please contact us for more info. 

Applications to join the Roynon Agency are currently open to ages 6 – 19. 


What is the Roynon Agency?

The Roynon Agency is a casting and talent service delivered under – but separate from – Roynon Performing Arts. Its purpose is to showcase talent both in and outside the performing arts school. The agency is there for anyone who wants to further their experience and exposure to do TV, radio, film, theatre, arts and corporate event work.

Why sign up?

Roynon Performing Arts are proud to have performed and worked at some amazing events, including 02 Guildhall Southampton, festivals and corporate as well as private, exclusive events for A-list celebrities. Signing to the agency will result in opportunities within film, TV, radio, as well as public and corporate events.

How does the agent manage to get this work? Why bother? Why not try do it myself? 

Roynon has been established as an arts company for over 40 years. In this time, it has developed sound contacts within the arts industries. Some Roynon teachers also have hands-on experience in this field of casting and agency work and so can offer invaluable, personal guidance.

Where is the agency based? 

The agency is run off of Roynon Performing Arts, so is located around the Bishops Waltham / Swanmore area (near Winchester in Hampshire, England).

How much does it cost to join?

It costs £50 to enrol onto the agency list for those who are not a part of Roynon already + £103 per year (i.e. the fees required from the industry casting heavyweight we are teaming up with in order to offer this amazing opportunity). For existing Roynon students, they will just need to cover the £103 industry membership fee. In doing so, the enrolled individual will be given bespoke documentation to help improve their chances of casting, access to closed groups (including social media, emails, informal meets, etc). Furthermore, existing Roynon pupils will be given an exclusive, free Roynon t-shirt.

What skill set is the Roynon Agency looking for? 

Roynon are firm believers of nurturing a wide range of skills in performers. In order to be a successful musical cast member, for example, you have to be able to sing, dance and act. Demonstrating a wide range of skills in casting is equally important – in fact, it is no different for the rest of the creative arts industries! First and foremost, the applicant for the Roynon Agency needs to politely yet powerfully demand the spotlight, be friendly and willing to learn and resilient to pressure including last minute changes (script, location, direction requests and so on).

Does the Roynon Agency help organise transport to locations such as sets, radio stations, TV centres? 

The Senior Roynon teacher dealing with your agency work may offer advice on transport and how to get there. However it is the responsibility of the parent / carer to ensure the individual on the casting roster gets to the location safely and punctually.

What happens if I miss an agreed agency gig? 

Once you are on the Roynon Agency books, you are representing the company at whatever gig you have been assigned, no matter how big or small. Therefore it is absolutely vital that you set the best example you can by being punctual to the agreed location, following the client’s instructions to a pinpoint and remaining professional throughout! Any cancellations should be given at least 48 hours prior notice (2 working days). You will be responsible for any charges or fees.

Can I join other agencies when assigned to the Roynon Agency? 

In short, no… It is highly unlikely for a client to join multiple agencies. T&Cs such as this are written out clearly and in detail within the user-friendly Roynon Agency contract.