Roynon Creatives CIC is a separate not-for-profit organisation which works directly in schools and community groups and supplies high quality, structured and inclusive music education and workshops. The sole aim is to make music and dance accessible, progressive and fun for all, including disadvantaged groups of society (mental health, cultural minorities, elderly communities).

We deliver a range of work across schools in Hampshire including primary, secondary and private education.

Roynon Music have the proven capacity to run age appropriate sessions, from nursery right through to post-university level.


The concept has been born from trained teachers with QTS and collective decades of teaching experience. With class experience as well as specialised music teaching, we have seen time and again suppliers fall short in core teaching foundations, namely inclusivity, retention of students signing up, accessible progression and enjoyment.

It doesn’t have to be that students give up after a year or two, nor does it have to be the case that performing in a group is chaotic or simplified to the point of obscurity. 

All sessions are differentiated and resourced with materials produced in-house.

Roynon Music are more than happy to deliver programmes of work in any school in the south of England.


Roynon Music offer a mix of the old and the new for music provision, namely: 

  • Making Music with ICT. An on-trend way to access, understand and make music. This has proven to be really popular with students of all ages and abilities and gives a great platform to keep engagement, learn composition and arrangement and theory skills. We also provide some fantastic additional resources to keep learning at home and engaging parents and carers. 
  • ‘Take the Lead’ Programme.  We’re proud of this one… In short, this is an option for really tight school budgets and a unique opportunity to train in-house staff. It’s also a great way to keep consistency and ensure behaviour and routine are upheld.
  • INSET training.  This has been either whole school, or specifically for class teachers.
  • Peripatetic instrumental lessons in guitar, ukulele, drums, percussion, voice and piano. A key difference here is, unlike other services, we offer the opportunity to group children in a band set-up, making learning instantly more meaningful and fun. Learning formalised skills is still at the heart of learning, regardless of whether children are grouped as a band or according to instrument. 
  • Whole class teaching. This is currently either with percussion skills (what we term ‘class yard’ drumming as opposed to ‘junkyard’), samba drumming (with instruments supplied), vocal lessons or ukulele. We are confident that the spread of instruments – from stringed, to voice, to percussion – offers the most desired and popular instruments for young people and a great spread of skills to harness in a class setting.
  • Wellbeing sessions. We use a range of instruments including percussion, stringed and ICT to deliver content to help engage individuals and offer a means to support and enhance mental and physical wellbeing.

Some of our workshops and teaching is run in affiliation with our in-house drumming and movement organisation, Swan Samba. Such workshops have been an absolute hit with schools across Hampshire!

Our teachers are highly qualified in their field (QTS, ISTD, Acrobatic Arts, Trinity, Rock School, LAMDA, etc). We deliver high quality content to improve the educational setting in which it is delivered.


Roynon Music are also happy to work alongside classroom teachers to help with CPD and training. This is within either the ‘Take the Lead’ programme, INSET training, or twilight sessions.


We are passionate about nurturing students of all ages and abilities. The creative arts are fundamental to wellbeing and the development of key life skills. This includes confidence, problems solving, communication and empathy, to name a few.

We help raise standards and improve the emotional and physical wellbeing of each student we teach. All students learn literally 100s of musicianship skills along the way.

Check out our reviews from previous schools and community organisations, or contact us today to discuss how we can help raise progression and enjoyment for music and the many other skills it feeds into.