Jazz classes are non-syllabus and is a fantastic way to learn all the latest moves to the latest music! It is one of the most popular, most established styles and came about from African dance mixed with European styles in the 1800s due to slavery.

An influential style

The ‘Jazz’ dance style is influenced by several other forms of dance such as Ballet, Contemporary, Lyrical, Hip-Hop and Acro. It is excellent for conditioning, core strength and improving stamina and flexibility.

It is a truly experimental, creative art form that demands a lot from the dancer but is equally rewarding! High energy Jazz pieces are laced throughout RPA productions and performances and audiences often comment after about the memorable and fresh routines! Roynon have jazz classes across a wide spread of age and ability, from 7 Years Old (Year 3 at Primary School) through to senior college student.

Diverse and popular

Due to the evolution of the jazz style, there are lots of diverse and distinctive moves that can be associated with it and very much dependant on the era of jazz dance that is being studied. The most commonly associated jazz-based productions include West End hits such as ‘Mamma Mia’, ‘Cats’ and ‘Caberet’.

Big names in jazz choreography include the infamous jazz devotee, Bob Fosse, industry heavyweights Gene Kelly and Jack Cole and Pearl Primus, who takes more cultural, political approach by incorporating a larger african base within her work.

Roynon’s Jazz

The dominant focus in RPA jazz class is on the more modern era, which then means bringing in elements of street dance, Acro, vogue, musical theatre and other high-energy moves. Jazz is always a highly popular Roynon class and we welcome new enrols so come along and try it out for yourself!

Age groups

Middle School (Ages 7-11) and Upper School (Ages 11-18)

Jazz Classes Available

Junior Jazz (Yr 3 – 7)Saturday
Miss Charlie
Senior Jazz (Yr 8+)Monday
Miss Charlie

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