Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is a type of theatrical performance and creative art which uses song, spoken dialogue, acting, and dance to help engage the audience.

This style of performance has been a huge, overnight success for Roynon Performing Arts and is massively popular with pupils aged between 7-18.

If you want to perform on stage, it is vital in this day and age to be equipped with the range of skills this style can offer.

Musical Theatre classes teach pupils to use dance alongside singing and how to project the persona of their character to the audience.

Pupils also learn some basic singing skills to protect as well as bring power to their voice.

Age groups

Lower School (Ages 2-7), Middle School (Ages 7-11), and Upper School (Ages 11-18)

Musical Theatre Classes Available

Senior Musical Theatre (Yr 7+)Monday
Miss Molly
Inter Musical Theatre (Yr3 – 6)Monday
Miss Molly

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