Music (Including 1-1 tuition)

Roynon Performing Arts are well known for their dance faculty but also provide quality music lessons, too. Whether it’s group work in singing, 1-1 private tuition on a specific instrument or joining our ever-popular samba class, there’s bound to be something for everyone…

Our music classes are structured according to the type of class and the focus instrument. Here’s a quick summary:


We thoroughly recommend any student wishing to pursue a career in the arts to take on these lessons – read more about why and the ‘triple threat’ industry requirement here. Equally, if you want to help improve presentation skills, confidence and speaking and listening, these are absolute must-have lessons!

These sessions are conducted in groups, often linked with Musical Theatre and can be graded or informally taught and just ‘for the love’. There are various classes and times on offer for singing lessons and are split according to age, i.e. lower school (starting at 4-7), middle school (7-11), upper school (11-18) and adults. These sessions can – and often do – link in with official music examination bodies such as Trinity or Rock School. This is all depending on the size of the class and the personal direction from the student.

Roynon importantly helps students prepare for audition work and is a huge element within our school! If a student is serious about performing on stage, it simply isn’t enough in this day and age to focus on one side of performing – theatre work now demands an equally strong skill set in dance, music and drama. Therefore a lot of the work Roynon Performing Arts do helps students bring singing up to industry standard, which includes projection, extending vocal range, emotional delivery, breathing and other techniques such as falsetto and tremolo.

Content in RPA singing lessons is a tried and tested mixture of classic and contemporary. Students will get to develop their vocal ability, breathing technique and theory knowledge via the songs they love but also theatre classics and music of historical relevance to the performing arts. This means that we not only develop our students into stronger, more confident singers but also their knowledge of music is also supported.

As with any Roynon class, singing lessons are conducted by a qualified and experienced music teacher with their own specific skills and knowledge of the music industry, often with firsthand experience of the West End, recording for professional projects and working with big names within the industry.


Roynon Performing Arts are proud to offer a range of private lessons for both dancers and musicians. We have tutors within our teaching team who teach instruments including piano, stringed instruments (guitar, ukulele, bass, etc), drums and percussion. We can also teach composition work with ICT such as Logic, GarageBand, Novation and free APPs – something that has proven popular for those studying at GCSE and beyond but also non-musical students who are interested in learning the foundations of producing electronic music.

Rates for private lessons are competitive and are tailored to suit the student (grading in Rock School and/or Trinity, or bespoke, ungraded learning). We warmly welcome all ages and abilities! 1-1 lessons are predominantly taught from the teacher’s home but some rare occasions the teacher comes to the student (within the local Bishops Waltham / Swanmore / Meonstoke / Sheffield areas).

As with any other RPA session, our music tutors are trained and highly experienced in their field. This includes performing solo, in a band, in ensembles at a variety of venues across Europe, composing for musicals and airplay on local and national radio including BBC Radio1 and 6Music. See our RPA Team page here for more information.


Our resident drumming and movement band, Swan Samba, has grown from strength to strength and has proven to be very popular specifically with adults! Weekly classes are run for all abilities and ages 11+ where students learn grooves and moves in a safe, fun environment. There is also the option to get involved with some amazing gigs and events around Hampshire and beyond, sharing and proving the skills learnt in class and making some fantastic memories in the process.

Swan Samba is always on the lookout for new members and welcomes all enquiries, including performances out and about as well as workshops for corporate or education.

The ‘Banda’ have become such a thing they have their own website! Lots more information can be found here, including content of classes, promo videos, gig history, resources needed from the student and more. There is also a YouTube channel featuring their creative and promo videos.

They are a truly lovely bunch, from absolute beginners to drum kit players, young persons to retired adults. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun and feel the ‘energia’!

Age groups

Lower School (Ages 2-7), Middle School (Ages 7-11), Upper School (Ages 11-18), and Adult (Ages 18+)

Music (Including 1-1 tuition) Classes Available

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