Performance Team

Roynon are extremely proud of the Performance Team and the events they’ve performed at.

The gigs they’ve showcased their hard work at have been made possible by some incredible industry contacts, the preparation students have made in class time and an overall passion and drive from the team members themselves (teachers included!).

The Performance Team is open to any Roynon student, so long as they are of a certain ability and can commit to a fairly large scale project.

That said, if a Roynon student can make this commitment, the rewards are absolutely incredible… The Performance Team have gigged for not only local events such as festivals and carnivals but also charity gigs at O2 Guildhall Southampton, the Winchester Hatfair and various private functions for the likes of Sir Richard Branson.

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Age groups

Middle School (Ages 7-11) and Upper School (Ages 11-18)

Performance Team Classes Available

Junior Performance Team (invite only)Monday
Miss Charlie

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