The Performance Team

Roynon are extremely proud of The Performance Team and the events they’ve gigged. Being a part of this specific group of dancers requires commitment, skill, enthusiasm and professionalism. In turn, students are given regular opportunities in which to demonstrate their skills at a wide variety of places, audiences and clients.

Incredible opportunities

Some of The Performance Team gigging highlights include:

  • Sir Richard Branson, including his son’s wedding celebrations with a-list celebrities
  • Queen’s Baton Relay (Winchester)
  • 02 Guildhall Southampton
  • Hatfair, Winchester (including within The Great Hall and ‘the round table’)
  • Exclusive corporate functions for Virgin, including ‘Virgin Stars’ and ‘FastTrack 100’
  • West Quay fundraisers (Southampton)
  • Numerous corporate / private functions (including weddings)
  • Local festivals, carnivals and fetes (Bishops Waltham, Swanmore, Droxford, Meonstoke, Hedge End, Curdridge, etc)
  • Wickham Festival
  • Fundraisers at Naomi House and Southampton Hospital
  • Abby’s Heroes events (our affiliated charity)

The creative arts are meant to be shared and showcased, to tell a story and to make the audience feel a powerful emotion. We are so proud of our Performance Team and their ability in being able to do this!


The Performance Team is open to any Roynon student, so long as they are of a certain ability and can commit to a fairly large scale project. Performances usually incorporate Contemporary, Modern and Jazz but often elements of Acro, Hip-Hop, Ballet and Samba too. The content for each performance is planned out by the lead RPA teacher and based on the suitability for each event.

As with any creative art, there is lots of practise and failure behind the scenes prior to a performance. No performer can expect to just turn up on the day and for things to go well without putting in hours of work and effort beforehand. This is the key reason any dancer wishing to be part of our amazing Performance Team needs to be committed and ready to put in the time in the studio to then reap the rewards later on.

The Performance Team represents the school so there are high expectations. Roynon Performing Arts expect students in the team to fully immerse themselves at any event or show and to perform to the best of their ability. Students need to act courteously, respectfully and follow the necessary instructions from the lead RPA teacher.

Events often lead to more events, so it is important that all performance opportunities are valued and respected equally. Roynon teachers will also be able to see who is best to approach for large-scale gigs often by how the smaller-scale performances are managed.

On the pulse

Details of public performance events are always shared as soon as they are confirmed, so as soon as the organiser lets RPA know, the school will notify the parents and students involved. Full details of any given event will be sent to those students who are participating, whilst an outline and promo will be shared in various social media updates leading up to the performance (see our social media channels for previous examples).

Memories for a lifetime

Joining RPA’s Performance Team is a great way to put a dancer’s skills to the test and have some incredible performance opportunities! We as a school are immensely proud to offer some fantastic dance experiences which in turn make memories for life…

Age groups

Middle School (Ages 7-11) and Upper School (Ages 11-18)

The Performance Team Classes Available

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