Pre-pointe / Pointe

Ballet dancers all want to be able to get ‘on pointe’. Our specifically planned RPA classes are there to help this become a reality.

Essential progression

These classes are essential not only for the progression of a ballerina but also the overall fitness of any dancer who is serious about their progression, their safety and their skill.

Syllabus and safety

As with the majority of Roynon Performing Arts classes, we follow a recognised syllabus (ISTD in this case), which helps then structure lessons and ensure dancers make steady progress but are also safe. There is a very clear risk involved in dance styles and Pointe work is a really obvious one: if the dancer does not develop the required strength and skill set required beforehand, this can result in long-term damage on the feet, ankles and more. The psychological damage could also mean even the most avid, passionate dancer feels they are no good and gives up…

Moving through the progression of skills from Pre-Pointe and Pointe classes shows great determination, strength and patience so is a great asset to have in any dancer’s skill set. 

Contact us today to arrange your tasters in Pre-Pointe or Pointe class and discuss which class would be right for you or your dancer.

Age groups

Upper School (Ages 11-18)

Pre-pointe / Pointe Classes Available

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