We LOVE our Tinies class… and for so many reasons!

Tinies class is:

  • Alongside mimbies (our parent and toddler daytime groups), the beginning of it all! This is where performing arts skills are learned, friendships are made and a structure and routine is put in place to help little ones thrive!

  • Progressive! We pride ourselves on structured, calm, fun and meaningful lessons each week following ISTD syllabus. Small but crucial exercises and routines are learned over the terms, helping to develop muscle coordination, teamwork, problem solving, speaking and listening skills and wellness inside and out. As with mainstream education, RPA differentiate lessons according to ability and have another trained dancer or two which accompany the lead teacher and ensure classes are both a safe space for our young performers as well as an exciting one…

  • Cute! The tutus and tiaras for girls and waistcoats and ballet shorts for boys are too adorable! We also use a variation of resources, including a familiar toy they can bring into class and the infamous – and very powerful – fairy wand… We constantly use tinies-friendly music and rhyme throughout lessons to help with memory and excitement and is also a great introduction to ballet.

  • For life! We feel so privileged and lucky to be able to support and nurture a child like no other teaching professional. It isn’t uncommon to help a child from tinies straight through to leaving for university. This means Roynon Performing Arts can act as a bedrock and safe space for a child as they move through nursery, to infant school, to primary school, to secondary school, college, university and beyond! This is one of the reasons why our classes are so vital to wellbeing and a sense of community. The proof? We have countless dancers who return to us, whether it is for adult classes (ballet, tap, samba, singing, etc), or even after university when they’ve qualified to become an RPA teacher themselves…

Learn life skills

The exercises, dance routines and key skills our little ones learn are not only setting them up for subsequent classes in their performer’s journey but they’re also incredibly adorable! Tinies dances are always fantastic in our Whole School Show on stage, making the audience smile, swoon and weep! Whether they are sunbeams or stars, jewels or glowworms, their routines are truly special and cherished for years to come…

Let us help your little one

Roynon have helped 1,000s of little ones over the decades with confidence, wellness, happiness, coordination, concentration and other key life skills. We warmly welcome all tinies to our class, whether they are a boy or girl, shy or bubbly, energetic or calm!

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