Recent Music Student Successes

Roynon are thrilled and excited about the recent, notable progress made by its music students!

There are lots of achievements to be proud of… For example, Sam Cutter, a private acoustic guitar pupil, has achieved a distinction mark in Rock School Grade 2 (93% – 74 out of 80). A thorough Well Done Sam on your amazing result – very well deserved…

Meanwhile, other significant milestones have been made. Miss Victoria, who runs singing and musical theatre, is working through Grade 7 in LCM with aspiring, talented young vocalist Meriel. The sister company Swan Samba is also growing in membership and the complexity of its technical content within its original samba fusion songs. The gigging calendar is also hotting up, with a wider spread of events, including charity fundraisers and large-scale ticketed shows (m.

Roynon’s core aim is all about supporting the development of its students and nurturing ‘triple threat’ skills. Roynon started as a dance school and has grown significantly in recent years in order to accommodate this industry requirement, where performers are expected to be equally secure in dance, music and theatre.

All in all, we couldn’t be prouder of our growing music faculty and their recent accomplishments.

If you want to develop your musical skill and develop your creativity, problem solving and much more. Alternatively, if you are seeking private tuition in guitar, bass or percussion, rates are competitive and with limited spaces available.