6 Reasons for Roynon

There are so many reasons to come join us and enjoy dance, music and drama and we are really excited to share a few of these with you…


This is a huge one! Dance and the rest of the arts are all proven to help improve physical and mental health and we couldn’t be more passionate about this! RPA ensure every student is supported and given the necessary tools to improve confidence, problem solving, friendships and creativity.


Our professional, progressive and fun classes will help support and strengthen confidence, which lead to performing at events on stage and in the local community. We have countless students who started when they were 3 and stayed with us right up to university for this very reason!


We offer whole school shows, charity fundraisers, a-list celebrity private functions, outdoor events, corporate performances and numerous carnivals. We strive to be a feeder school for the likes of Bird, Performers and Urdang and these amazing opportunities help ensure we offer our students memorable moments. We also have new casting opportunities by teaming alongside an industry heavyweight for those wishing to gain invaluable experience in TV, radio and film.


Roynon Performing Arts have been established for nearly 40 years, with 19 different genre of class and countless qualifications in our teacher skill set. We follow recognised a syllabus for each genre and ensure that classes are fun as well as structured and move the student up in skills and ability.

The penultimate reason for coming to RPA in our list…


We always make sure our lessons follow guidelines and are taught by qualified teachers (this is especially clear and important in things like acro and pointe work in ballet). In these Covid days, we’ve also put in place new procedures such as extended times to wipe down equipment, infographics for students and parents, PPE packs for teachers, new policies and new equipment.


Roynon firmly believe in placing fun at the heart of learning. This is why our classes are often packed with quick-skilled warm-ups and activities and lots of content to keep students engaged! Our friendly atmosphere also means it’s a great place to get in touch with others.