Roynon partners with US school

RPA are excited to announce a partnership with a US dance school, Fabulous Feet Dance Centre

This unique ‘twinning’ between schools in Swanmore (UK) and Florida (USA) will give dance students from both sides of the pond an amazing chance to share their skills and form new links in the dance industry on a meaningful, practical level. We feel this is especially important in this current climate (Covid), where dancers have little to no performance opportunities and may find it of some comfort that they aren’t alone and others are experiencing similar concerns and difficulties.

RPA have just asked students of all ages and abilities to step forward and become a ‘Roynon US Rep’. The successful students will then represent the school and regularly communicate with Fabulous Feet and sharing their work to their partners all the way over in Sunny Florida! There are many other exciting bits planned in the coming weeks within the twinning project so watch this space… 

Until then, we would like to give a warm, heartfelt welcome to our twinned partners in Fabulous Feet Dance Centre and can’t wait to share all the amazing work this partnership will undoubtedly produce. 

For more information about the opportunities Roynon Performing Arts offer students and their families, please do not hesitate to contact us via the enquiry form on the website.