How RPA supports mental and physical wellbeing

The demands we all face at home, at work and in wider society can take their toll. We all need a safe space in which to express ourselves and release tension. 

Wellbeing is becoming an increasingly prevalent issue in society today, with one in five children experiencing a mental health issue at least once in their lives by the time they leave primary school.

The performing arts play a vital role in tackling this issue, offering a unique, safe outlet and a means to alleviate stress, anxiety and depression, whilst helping break down the expectations and pressures of social media and society. 

The Science of Art

It is scientifically proven that dance, music and drama help boost confidence, nurture communication and enhance problem solving skills.

The performing arts actually make individuals more resilient whilst helping with concentration, empathy and memory function. 

RPA can help!

Roynon Performing Arts offer a diverse range of dance, music and drama classes and workshops for all ages and abilities, from toddlers through to senior adults. All RPA students are taught important life skills in a safe, fun and professional environment which then has a positive, lasting impact on mental and physical health. 

The friendly yet structured environment of our studio is truly a phenomenal place where so much is learned, negative emotions and experiences are dealt with and ‘friends for life’ are made. Find out what makes the RPA studio unique to others here. 

The ‘triple threat’ arts of dance, music and drama are a true powerhouse when it comes to improving mental and physical health. Here are our top five ways how the performing arts help support wellbeing: 


The movement in dance, musical theatre and music lessons (including singing and drumming) pump the endorphins round the body. It’s hard not to feel better when you’ve got involved in one of our classes! Also, being creative through choreography, musical pieces and acting/singing has a huge positive impact on mood and provides a new way to communicate and vent feelings.


Whether it’s learning a piece in the studio or performing and sharing the skills on stage or at an event, Roynon students improve their confidence levels. It is widely known that some of the most amazing stage performers are actually shy and introverted in real life, which proves that performing arts can really help bring people out of their shell!

Encouraging social interaction

The performing arts offer opportunities for students of all ages to come together in a safe and nurturing community setting and is like nothing else! Performing arts get people away from their TV/phone screens and places them in a positive and focused environment, where they can build social skills. Research shows that real life face-to-face group engagement such as dance, music or drama classes improves overall mood.

Emotional intelligence

The performing arts all offer a platform in which to see life through a different lens. The portrayal of characters and emotions all help students increase their level of empathy and awareness of others. It also provides moments in which a student can take a step away from the stresses and strains of life and have a time to reflect. 

Roynon Performing Arts is one of the South’s leading creative arts schools and has supported 10,000s of students of all ages and abilities since its formation decades ago. Roynon provides outstanding performance opportunities and a creative, challenging and safe studio environment in which to progress in skills and make friends. RPA offer over 60+ classes in dance, music and drama meaning there is something for everyone!

Find out more about our classes and which one is right for you.

We can help you, your friends and your family! Contact RPA today to arrange x3 taster sessions in any of our 60+ classes in dance, music or drama and let us help with wellbeing for you and the wider community.