What is the ‘Triple Threat’ and why is it important?

The performing arts industry demands a high quality standard from its performers. But the skillset required in order to become successful in performance work has become more demanding than ever. This is otherwise known as the ‘Triple Threat’.

A few decades ago, it used to be the case that if you wished to pursue a career in the theatre that you could specialise in dance, music or drama, perhaps even honing in on a specific skill or genre (such as ballet in dance or monologue in drama). Nowadays, this simply isn’t the case. Dancers are expected to sing, singers are expected to dance, actors are expected to sing… and everything in between! 

Performers need to have equally high skills across dance, music and drama. Any individual who wishes to perform on stage needs to be able to pick up the dance styles featured within the show but also be equally great in any of the other creative fields. 

Wider skill set

Performers need to be able to sing with strength, projection, conviction and passion. They will need to be able to act convincingly and recite lines quickly, and deliver their part with a captivating, alluring stage persona. Performers also need to be knowledgeable in the production’s dance styles, whether it is tap, contemporary or modern. 

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There are many scenarios within a production that the cast will need to deliver on a range of arts styles. One such scenario is being the stage ‘swing’. This is where they may be asked to stand in for a main role at the last minute due to illness, injury, etc. Being the ‘swing’ in a show is an example of a high-pressure, high-excitement industry environment where a performer gets to prove what they have learnt and refined at their time in the studio. But without being equally strong in dance, music and drama, a performer will not be considered to take on this highly regarded role. 


For those student seriously pursuing a career on stage, Roynon Performing Arts can help. We offer professional training to high grades in dance, music and drama, delivered by passionate and highly experienced teachers in their field. RPA understand the importance of ‘triple threat’ skills and is a key reason we thoroughly recommend our students of all ages and abilities to take at least one class in each faculty. 

The creative arts industry is fiercely competitive but incredibly rewarding – there is simply nothing else quite it! Roynon Performing Arts are passionate in giving each and every one of our students the best possible chance to succeed in the creative arts. We have supported 10,000s of students over the decades of our formation as a school and are always open to support even more budding creatives… 

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