Acrobatic Arts (AcroDance)

Why Acro?

Acro (also known as Acrobatic Arts or AcroDance) is a unique blend of dancing and gymnastic disciplines that is incredibly popular with students and teachers alike.

Stunning moves from gymnastics is amalgamated alongside dance choreography for a distinctive, instantly recognisable approach to performance and fitness. Perhaps one of the biggest contemporary names which has made Acro well known are the breathtaking world class performances by Cirque De Soleil.

Acrobatic Arts is essentially two genres combined within one class: the art of dance and the skill of acrobatics. It combines classic dance elements with a physical conditioning that allows the student to perform complex moves. One of the reasons it is so popular is that it builds strength and flexibility. Coordination and confidence both improve alongside strength and agility in the upper body.

Background to the Acrobatic Arts

Acrobatic Arts and modern AcroDance is based upon a style of dance that emerged in the 1900s in North America as part of Vaudeville, the classic entertainment style which dominated the entertainment industry. Acrobatic Arts has elements from many other dance traditions including ballet, modern dance and jazz.

The Acrobatic Arts program is based on the five key principles:

  • Balancing
  • Flexibility
  • Limbering
  • Strength
  • Tumbling

As Acro is built on these five key priniciples, our training program therefore includes drills to build strength, flexibility and improve cardio as well as tutorials for key elements such as handstands, splits and bridges. It involves plenty of teamwork, following instruction from our trained and qualified RPA teachers, listening skills and learning and applying specialist vocabulary. The syllabus is currently based on 350 skills across 12 levels of progression and is in constant revision to ensure content is relevant, current and in line with safety standards.

Dancers Love Acrobatic Arts

Alongside becoming stronger, students also vastly improve their flexibility and balance. This helps with the dance but also in other areas of life, making you less prone to trips and falls that lead to injuries and can help younger dancers build whole body strength. Acro, like any form of dance, is a great form of self-expression, helping support self-esteem and build important social skills. This makes it popular with all age groups and helps support dancers of all ages and abilities find a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

While Acrobatic Arts is a serious dance discipline in its own right, it is clearly a very fun and exciting class to be a part of. Roynon Performing Arts are proud of our supportive, progressive and structured Acro classes and are proud to offer the Acrobatic Arts syllabus via our highly experienced teachers, some of which have been studying this style for decades.

Age groups

Lower School (Ages 2-7), Middle School (Ages 7-11), and Upper School (Ages 11-18)

Acrobatic Arts (AcroDance) Classes Available

Acro Dance Class Mini Acro Friday
Miss April
Acro Dance Class Primary Acro Friday
Miss April
Acro Dance Class Level 1 Acro Friday
Miss April
Acro Dance Class Level 1/2 Acro Friday
Miss April
Acro Dance Class Level 2/3 Acro Friday
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