Samba Drumming

Our resident band, Swan Samba, has grown from strength to strength and has proven to be very popular specifically with adults of all abilities, including a lot of absolute beginners!

Weekly classes are run for all abilities and ages 11+ where students learn grooves and moves in a safe, fun environment. There is also the option to get involved with some amazing gigs and events around Hampshire and beyond, sharing and proving the skills learnt in class and making some fantastic memories in the process.

We are very proud of our samba band! So far, they’ve performed at Wickham Festival, the Winchester Hatfair, Romsey parades, numerous carnivals and fetes and have even been spotted a few times on BBC South Today for Children in Need as well as coverage of The Queen’s Baton Relay!

Swan Samba is always on the lookout for new members and welcomes all enquiries, including performances out and about as well as workshops for corporate or education.

The ‘Banda’ have become such a thing they have their own website! Lots more information can be found here, including content of classes, promo videos, gig history, resources needed from the student and more. There is also a YouTube channel featuring their creative and promo videos.

They are a truly lovely bunch, from absolute beginners to drum kit players, young persons to retired adults. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun and feel the ‘energia’!

Age groups

Upper School (Ages 11-18) and Adult (Ages 18+)

Samba Drumming Classes Available

Samba Drumming Tuesday
Gary Munday

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